A decentralized asset management business that creates trust through technology and transparency.

A decentralized technology business disrupting a stale industry

The old-world asset management business model is built on getting investors to trust their brand, often regardless of the performance of their funds. This means having the best office space in the city, highly paid portfolio managers, an army of support staff and extensive marketing budgets. And all of these expenses are born by the investors, through high management and other hidden fees, in the funds of those asset managers. The paradigm shift with Sucuro is asking investors to put their trust in technology and transparency instead.


Sucuro is a disruptive technology business. Instead of an expensive office building our business is housed on the Ethereum blockchain. We use the Polygon Network to make our transactions faster and more affordable. The Polygon Network is a Proof of Stake sidechain (itself a USD6.86 billion asset) connected to the Ethereum blockchain. Instead of overpaid fund managers, our superstar performer is a smart contract. You can view and audit the smart contract by visiting Polygon Scan.

The Sucuro journey: disruptive vision to decentralized asset manager.

September 2021

The Sucuro journey started with a vision to disrupt a stale industry.


Sucuro was founded by Alistair Mitchell in Sydney, Australia in September 2021 with the vision of making investing in real estate funds more accessible, more transparent and less expensive.

Alistair knew investors around the world wanted to invest in real estate to hedge against rising inflation and build wealth, but had three key roadblocks: 1) high prices and low liquidity; 2) lengthy process and fee hungry middlemen; and 3) execution costs and risks like financial fraud and government corruption.

The solution was Sucuro: a blockchain-based real estate token that: 1) validated and published on a public blockchain every transaction to build trust in the token and its real estate investments; 2) offered borderless, frictionless fractional investing; and 3) gave investors access to institutional-grade real estate assets without the need for a fee hungry asset manager.

Alistair Mitchell
Alistair Mitchell, Founder

June 2022

Investors back building the Sucuro vision.


After raising a seed round of venture funding backed by some of the biggest names in real estate and investment, Alistair built a high octane team to bring the Sucuro vision to life.

The Sucuro venture team took the asset management business model and rebuilt it from the ground up - taking old, inefficient and secretive asset management processes and replacing them with blockchain-based smart contracts that would be transparently governed by a governance token: the Sucuro Business Token.

The drafting of the Sucuro smart contracts was lead by Colin Fausnaught as Lead Engineer.

Colin Fausnaught, Lead Engineer

November 2022

The Sucuro Governance Token becomes an asset management business.


With the smart contracts written, the Sucuro Governance Token (SUCG) went live on the Polygon Network on 18 November 2022, becoming the world's first decentralized participatory asset management token. The seed round investors of Sucuro venture became token holders of SUCG as did the founder and employees.

A private sale of SUCG tokens occurred in January 2023. In accordance with Section 708 of the Australian Corporations Act (Cth), the offer was made only to specified people because of their financial capacity, experience, association with the issuer or wholesale status.

On 27 March 2023, a vote of SUCG holders was unanimously carried for SUCG to be known as the Sucuro Business Token (SUCB) so that the name of our token more closely reflected the economic value to tokenholders; as well as the businesses we are disrupting.