A single platform solution to acquire, manage and trade commercial real estate portfolios.

Sucuro As A Service

The Sucuro Business Token (SUCB) is a blockchain-native manager of real world real estate assets that pays dividends to its owners for setting the mandate of the Sucuro Australian Asset Token (SAAU) and governing smart contract transactions.

Why Sucuro?

A highly disruptive technology business taking on stale incumbents

Sucuro is the Netflix to the Blockbuster Video of the old world standard centralized asset managers. These businesses (like Apollo Management, BlackRock and Fidelity) are built on getting investors to trust their brand, often regardless of the performance of the funds they manage. As an asset management platform SUCB is a paradigm shift: now investors can put their trust in validated technology and transparency instead.

Market Size

Global Asset Management Market

USD 526 billion

Growth Rate

Compound Annual Growth Rate through to 2027


Three revenue streams and no dilution, ever

The SUCB token has replaced fee hungry middlemen like banks, mezzanine financiers, project marketers, agents, funds managers, stock exchanges and brokers. In return, the holders of SUCB tokens earn three revenue streams that are available to withdraw as dividends each month.

SUCB Tokens Issued

Fixed in the SUCB Smart Contract

100 million

The number of SUCB tokens issued is fixed at 100 million meaning there is no risk of new shares or tokens being issued in the future that dilute the ownership of existing holders.

Participatory asset management rewards investors - not middlemen

Instead of investment decisions being made in secret by a salaried portfolio manager and executed by back office bureaucrats they are voted on by SUCB token holders; published in real time; and executed by smart contracts.

While token holders have no obligation to either vote or raise red flags, they have a profit incentive to do so.

SUCB Ownership Benefits

SUCB is an ownership certificate and an access card in one digital asset. Holding a SUCB token lets owners earn dividend income; and contribute directly to the performance and trust of the business and the assets it manages.

While SUCB holders have no ownership of the real estate assets in SAAU, the success of SUCB is directly correlated to the success of SAAU. The better the real estate assets in SAAU perform, the more fee revenue SUCB earns; and thus the value of the SUCB token increases.

The ability to contribute to the SUCB business

These contributions are optional but can only be made by SUCB owners.



Owners of SUCB are entitled to vote each year on the criteria for the assets to be acquired by SAAU, including the asset mix, minimum yield, purchase price and asset locations.


Governance - Transactions

Owners of SUCB are entitled to raise red flags against transactions occurring in the Sucuro smart contracts, such as if rental income on a property appears too low or an expense appears too high.


Governance - Access

Owners of SUCB are entitled to vote on who is given privileged access roles in the Sucuro smart contracts, including valuers, lawyers, property managers and operators.

Dividends that come from the SUCB business

Dividend income is available to withdraw monthly to all SUCB owners.


Platform Fee

Every time an asset is purchased by SAAU, the seller of that asset (a property developer) pays a platform fee of between 2% and 6% of the purchase price. This revenue is distributed to SUCB holders in full each month.


Token Transfer Fee

Every time an SAAU token is transferred, a token transfer fee of 0.5% of the value is paid to SUCB holders by the selling (or initiating) party. This revenue is distributed to SUCB holders in full each month.


Management Fee

An annual 0.192% management fee is paid monthly to SUCB based on the market capitalization of SAAU. The net proceeds of this revenue (after paying operating expenses) are distributed to SUCB holders each month.

Sucuro is built on Polygon: a secure blockchain that has more staked funds than any other platform.

Security and scalability: the Polygon and Sucuro match

The Polygon Network is a Proof of Stake sidechain (itself a USD6.86 billion asset) connected to the Ethereum blockchain. As a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform, Polygon enables decentralized applications with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing on security. With over 1.3 billion transactions recorded, 130 million unique wallets and approximately 2.7 million monthly active users, the Polygon network is the perfect match for Sucuro's security and scalability.

Total Validators

(The total number of holders who verify transactions, add new blocks and submit checkpoints on Ethereum.)


At Stake Capital

The amount of capital locked on the network by validators and delegators to validate the network.

USD 2.67 billion

The Sucuro Business Token (SUCB) is now live on the Polygon Network.