More trustworthy.
More transparent.
More efficient.

Our blockchain-native platform brings unrivalled trust, transparency and tradability to commercial real estate assets.

By using blockchain technology based on cryptography, decentralisation and consensus, Sucuro brings trust and security to real estate transactions that is unmatched by any other technology or process.

Adding new value to commercial real estate assets

Sucuro gives asset management businesses a new way to add value to commercial real estate assets by introducing immutable transaction provenance, making back and middle office functions more efficient and allowing 24/7 borderless tradability.


Transaction provenance

Sucuro's blockchain-native system means commercial real estate assets are tokenised and their transaction provenance becomes one with the asset. This provenance includes every income (such as tenant receipts) and expense (such as cleaning or electricity expenses) transaction for each asset, creating new value by linking the asset with its economic performance.


More efficiency

We've removed inefficient back office functions and fee hungry middlemen and replaced them with blockchain-based smart contracts. For example, blockchain-based commercial lease guarantees can now form part of the tokenised asset - eliminating risky old paper-based guarantees that required manual auditing and data-entry.



Sucuro offers borderless global trading 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from a smart phone with settlement in less than 30 seconds. No more restrictive trading windows, expensive terminals or long settlements. Sucuro offers a live open data room with every transaction published on a public ledger in real time. No more waiting for quarterly portfolio reports and trading with imperfect information.

Removing operating risks for asset managers

The old industry systems that separate the transfer and reporting of money present a huge risk for real estate asset managers today with an ever increasing number of risk points for human error, fraud and data corruption. Sucuro's blockchain-native operating system eliminates the risks of using bank transfers, accounts clerks and spreadsheets.


Validated transactions

Sucuro validates all income and expense transactions using blockchain technology based on cryptography, decentralisation and consensus. This means transactions  can't be faked, hacked or compromised.



Our blockchain-native technology brings the movement of money and the reporting of it into a single transaction on a public ledger meaning asset managers can no longer manipulate financial results or hide underperforming assets.


Trusted counterparties

By using encrypted public and private keys for making and receiving payments, Sucuro removes the risk of asset managers losing money through invoice fraud, skimming or phishing, or human data entry error.

Ready to add new value to your real estate portfolio?

Download our eBook to discover blockchain technology and how using Sucuro can add new value to commercial real estate assets. In this book you'll learn: the basics of blockchain technology; how immutable transactions add trust; the benefits of automated reporting; how to trade tokenised commercial real estate assets; and the difference between blockchain-native asset management and blockchain feeder funds.

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