The new operating system for the World's commercial real estate assets.

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If your asset manager
isn't using Sucuro
what are they hiding?

Our blockchain-native platform brings unrivalled trust, transparency and tradability to commercial real estate assets.

By using blockchain technology based on cryptography, decentralisation and consensus, Sucuro brings trust and security to real estate transactions that is unmatched by any other technology or process.


Immutable transaction provenance

With Sucuro every income and expense transaction for each asset is validated by billions of dollars of at-risk capital and published on a public ledger in real time. This immutable transaction provenance brings new value to real estate assets.


Reduced management risk

Sucuro reduces management risk with validated counterparty transfers and automated transparency. This means no more spreadsheets subject to human error, fraud and/or data corruption; and no risk of invoice fraud or corporate phishing attacks.


The most efficient way to acquire, manage and trade real estate

Sucuro offers savings in administration, operations and distribution thanks to inefficient back office functions and fee hungry middlemen being replaced by blockchain-based smart contracts; and the option of tokenised assets, atomic settlement and borderless movability.

“Sucuro isn’t just a new financial product or business. It’s an entire rebuild of the plumbing that connects investors to income-producing real estate assets.”

Alistair Mitchell

“The biggest disruption ever to the businesses that manage the $127 trillion of assets under management globally.”

Vanguards of 2022
Harvard Business Review
October 2022